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Torchlight - The game... The beginning...

Torchlight is a fun and addicting game. In the beginning, there was the Alchemist, the Destroyer, the Vanquisher and their faithful pet companions. Players simply chose a class and a pet and off they went to exploring the mines of Torchlight, in search of the precious Embers.

The Vanquisher! In addition to the mines of the main quest, there is also a place called the Shadow Vault (SV), which opens up after you complete the main quest (Defeat Ordrak). The floors (levels down) in the Shadow Vault are infinite, providing endless game play for even the most seasoned dungeon crawlers. Of course, the further down you travel, the more difficult the monsters are to defeat.

There are several merchants and other non-playable characters (NPCs) in the town of Torchlight; All offering their unique services, such as Transmuting, Enchanting your equipment, adding sockets to your equipment, removing socketed items from your equipment, gambling for equipment, buying and selling potions, spells, special maps, equipment, gems, etc. There is also an NPC who's sole purpose is to retire characters. This special NPC named Goldenrod only shows up in game after you have defeated Ordrak and completed the main quest.

Despite its lack of multiplayer capability, Torchlight turned out to be one of the best single-player Action Role-Playing games (ARPGs), since the debut of Diablo II.

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Modding Made Easy!

Torchlight saved games

The first thing you should do as a new player to the Torchlight game is to locate the folder where your saved games are stored! Believe me, you'll be glad you did. In Torchlight, the saved games are located in one of the following locations (depends on your Operating System):

Apple MAC – [your User account name]\Library\Application Support\runic games\torchlight\save
Stash Windows XP – C:\Documents and Settings\[your User account name]\Application Data\runic games\torchlight\save
Windows Vista/Windows 7– C:\Users\[your User account name]\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\save

Note: If needed, replace C: with the drive letter you installed Torchlight on (for example, D: or E:, etc.).
If you cannot locate the "save" folder in one of the above locations, try one of the following methods:

Windows XP – Click Start -> Click Run... -> Type %APPDATA%\runic games\ in the Run dialog box -> Press Enter.
Windows Vista/Windows 7 – Click Start -> Type %APPDATA%\runic games\ in the "Start Search" text box -> Press Enter.


Torchlight's Save folder? Why should I care about that folder?

Good question. Now the answer. Torchlight is not a solitaire card game. Torchlight is a game in which your character can die.
Torchlight is a fun and easy to play game. Sometimes, it gets hectic and when things get hectic, mistakes happen. Not always, but when they do, they can cause a lot of frustration. That is, unless you have a backup of your game!

So, as a rule of thumb, back up and save your "save" game folder at least once a day (if you play every day). Personally, I back up and save my characters about every hour of play time. That way, the most I lose is about an hour of gameplay, if I do need to restore one of my characters.

Remember, mistakes are like accidents; they are not planned incidents – they just happen.

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty! The following tutorial is for novice computer users, so there is no need for you heavy duty gamers to feel offended :)
View the BackUpAndSave tutorial for Torchlight.

The Secret Horse Level tutorial has been completed!
Several Modding step-by-step tutorials have been completed. Check them out now!

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Torchlight II - The sequel continues...

Torchlight II is set to debut as a digital download sometime in 2011.

The most important aspect of Torchlight II is the addition of multiplayer. Players all over the world asked for it and Runic Games listened and implemented it. If the game play is anything like Torchlight, I'm sure this will be a gem well worth waiting for.

Now, we're all waiting patiently for Torchlight II rigSyl - Your guide in Torchlightht? Yeah right. I can hardly wait to explore Torchlight II and all its new features, new characters and the multiplayer aspect with my family and friends! Runic Games has promised to make Torchlight II just as budget-worthy as Torchlight is, and that alone makes me happy. :)

Torchlight MMORPG - A new beginning...

Ohhh boy. The Torchlight MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). We've all heard about it. We're all wondering how its going to work. We're all curious as to when its going to happen... What will it cost? Can we re-use our single-player characters from Torchlight or our multiplayer characters from Torchlight II? What does the future have in store for us? So many questions; so few answers...


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